Everything Starts With A Great White Rum

So, It's finally out in the big wide world.
Our Pure single white rum was released on April 1st 2023 (April fools day)
And the reviews and feedback have been truly overwhelming.
From the outset, we wanted to create this from-scratch rum to be something more than just another White Rum, Only to be used in cocktails.
It had to be bold enough to stand up against its aged and Caribbean counterparts, be enjoyed neat and be versatile enough to be a great addition to any rum based cocktails.
We are often asked why we launched a white rum first. 
Why didn't we release a dark rum or spiced rum? You dont have to be in the industry to know that white Rum is on the back foot with regards to consumer demand.
The Answer is simple. - Everything starts with a Great White Rum
The dark, aged rums that are out there get their colours, (some) flavours and mouthfeel from being oak aged. But you can't make a poor quality liquid taste sensasional by throwing it in a cask and hoping for the best. 
It all starts with the White Rum.
The Spiced Rums that are taking the world by storm will be either naturally or artificially flavoured. (sometimes aged first) Even the best flavour concentrates and spices won't hide a poor quality base spirit. The texture, The harshness, The Crippling hangover. it can't be masked.
It all starts with the White Rum.
The biggest lesson we have learned in our very short journey of rum distillation is that there is no hiding poor quality ingredients. From the molasses to the water, Yeasts to  the nutrients.  Everything has a huge impact on the final product.
When we decided on all of the above and went into trials, we quickly learned that another factor is just as important. Fermentation.
Everyone has their own process. Some yeasts will do their job in a couple of days and will offer a large yield but with little to no flavour.
We have taken the same view with our Rum as we do with our Gin.
No Compromise
We only use the highest quality raw ingredients and specially selected Yeasts that will impart our desired flavour profile regardless of the yields and fermentation times.
The vast majority of any rum flavours are extracted in the fermentation stage, so it made sense for us to dedicate all of our trials to making sure we got it right. We have found that a slow fermentation (up to 14 days) with the correct temperature ranges and nutrients help our selected yeasts excel. 
We may not get as much bang for our buck in the long run (outright potential alcohol) But the flavours (esters) created more than make up for it in our opinion.
Post fermentation, we have to think about how we are going to distill what we have spent 2 weeks babysitting.
Our decision was easy as we have a limited budget and only 1 still that is capable of producing enough liquid to be a sustainable business.
The pot still (AKA Louise)
Our baby 150L copper pot still is filled with our fermented wash and we run 2 stripping runs before running our final spirit run. That's 3 full distillations to separate the alcohol from the wash. When you take into consideration the extra cuts that need to be made to remove the heart from the heads and tails, we are left with a very small volume of spirit that is our white rum.
A truly incredible white rum.
By getting all of the above right, we can look forward to creating multiple categories of rum. All of which will use the White rum as its base.
We Will Age
We Will Spice
We Will Flavour
But we had to get our white rum exactly how we wanted it because,
It all starts with a great white rum

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