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Our Story

Our Product

Our Product

In late November 2019 I had a conversation with my dad that would change our lives. We were sat in his restaurant (The Lazy Lobster Chew Magna) looking at his fantastic spirit collection. Wouldn't it be amazing to get involved in this UK boom of fantastic distilleries? I've visited distilleries before and love watching the process of bringing natural products to life using traditional methods. But is it something I could do? Is there room in the market for another uk distillery? (I'll let you be the judge of that) but eventually we both decided to take the plunge and put everything into giving it the best chance of success we could. We did our homework, visited distilleries, met successful distillers and took their  advice, applied for licences, got licences, bought a baby 3L copper still  (named her Grace), sourced our ingredients and started the journey. 

After plenty of wrong turns we did it. 

We created a gin that is beautifully balanced, has our own twist and is absolutely ram packed with love. 

There was only ever one place we would name our little company after and that is my childhood playground, CHEW VALLEY. I'm proud to be part of the community and even prouder to be representing our part of the world.

We have a long way to go but we are hooked, we love doing what we are doing and meeting the people we meet along the way. 

Give us a go. Support us. Taste the Chew Valley Spirit.

Our Product

Our Product

Our Product

Our first born spirit is a London Dry Gin.

Distilled in batches  no more than 44 bottles at a time, We have created our take on the classic London Dry.

Our ingredients are simple, 11 carefully chosen and traditional botanicals, neutral grain spirit and spring water from the mendip hills. 

Every single bottle is hand distilled in our copper alembic still, hand bottled, hand labelled, hand corked and if you are local, hand delivered to your door.

Bottled at 43%ABV with a copper cork and labels designed to show our love of the mighty chew valley lake. 

We are very proud to be representing the west country with this premium quality product.  

*Disclaimer - You may notice small amounts of white sediment in the bottom of your bottle. Don't Panic! It's oils from our botanicals and perfectly safe. We limit the amount of filtering to give the best flavour possible. If you see anything in your bottle, think of it as added flavour. 

Distillery School coming soon!


New Micro distillery and distillery School coming to Chew Magna

We are delighted to announce that licences have been granted for our new micro distillery in Chew Magna. We will be showcasing our gin and supporting other local distilleries, wine makers and breweries in our stunning new bar.

We will also soon be offering the public the opportunity to get hands on and distill their own gin at our distillery school. 

Please keep an eye on our social media for 

Contact Us

Contact us

Chew Valley Distillery

5d South Parade, Chew Magna, Bristol, BS40 8SH, United Kingdom

Tel. 07734865665 Email.