Rum Produced from scratch.

We blend Sugar Cane Molasses with Cheddar spring water, add our blend of yeasts and ferment for 12 - 14 days.

We then transfer to our copper pot still and Distil 3 times (2 stripping runs and 1 spirit run) making the necessary cuts to extract the hearts (the good stuff) 

Then it's time to take the liquid back to our preferred drinking strength (43%abv) We do this by adding water that has been filtered in house using a reverse osmosis system. 

We then Lightly filter and bottle every bottle 1 by 1, seal using biodegradable tamper seals, hand label with cane fibre recycled labels and sign each bottle.

Every part of this process uses 100% renewable energy.

Spiced Rum

Cinder Toffee Rum