5cl City Borders Spiced Rum 42%abv

5cl City Borders Spiced Rum 42%abv

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Pure sugar cane molasses is blended with Cheddar spring water and heated to a target temperature. Our choice of natural yeast is added and left to ferment for at least 10 days.


Post fermentation, our wash is transferred to our copper pot still (aka Louise) We perform 3 separate distillations, making the necessary cuts to ensure only the highest quality liquid is collected.


Post distillation we reduce the abv of our rum using water that has been filtered using a reverse osmosis system.


We steep a range of ethically sourced, all natural ingredients in our Pure White Rum for up to 7 days. These Include, fresh stemmed ginger, cassia bark, cloves, peppercorns, grains of paradise, star anise, vanilla pods and fresh orange zest.

We lightly filter and bottle manually ...one by one.
All bottles are labelled by hand using a sugar cane label.

To Taste

This is not your typical Spiced Rum. We’ve chosen to use a yeast that helps produce esters that are more commonly found in Caribbean rums. This combined with the use of our copper pot still results in a super complex Rum that is sensationally smooth and leaves a long lasting flavour.